Do’s and don’ts for your social media posts after you get engaged

Getting engaged is the world’s best feeling ever. You know that a new life is going to begin very soon. You will be embracing a new family and might feel excited to share the same with your friends on a social media platform.

However, your in-laws or new relatives may not like you sharing all the personal information online. Instead of facing those raising fingers, the best is to keep you conscious while operating social media account. Come on, you are engaged and have to behave maturely now. Instead of being offensive, try to understand why is it important to be careful file sharing the posts online.

After all, you have to prove yourself as the best daughter in law. It all begins right after you people have decided to get married.

Talking about the do’s first-

  • Immediate announcement – It’s definitely important to make a social media announcement after you are engaged. If you do not initiate this particular trend, people might assume that you are not happy with your marriage being fixed. Club a beautiful couple picture along with the caption – I am engaged.
  • Tag your in-laws – After you have posted a picture of your engagement, your in-laws would feel much happy after getting tagged by you. Believe me; it creates a positive feeling to get tagged by the new family member. It indirectly shows your interest towards them.
  • Upload couple selfies – Add couple pictures and show some creativity by adding some good comments and captions. In-laws often track your social media account for finding out what are you up to. Those beautiful couple pictures would definitely make them proud and happier about you.
  • The ring is the king – Almost 60% of the people want to see your engagement ring after the wedding announcement. Click a clear picture of your wedding ring along with your spouse and show it by blurring the background.
  • Limit your hashtags – Hashtags generally do not create a positive feeling among elders. You can use hashtags up to a limit. But using them unnecessarily as a caption can make you appear as a social media buff.
  • Send friend request –In order to tag your in-laws, you have to be friends with them on the social media account. And even if you don’t wish to tag them, at least you would get a chance to know more about them by sending them a friend request. You don’t have to keep any ego when it comes to displaying your love for your future family on a social media platform.

Discipline yourself – follow the don’ts more carefully!

No matter whether you follow the above-mentioned does or not, it’s more important to avoid doing few things on a social media platform.

If you are a bride to be and reading this post, you are super lucky. during my time, I was not aware of these norms and ended up creating a pathetic impression for no special reason. Now let’s find out what you don’t have to do on a social media platform after getting engaged –

  • Say no to short clothes – It’s not that we are stopping you to wear what you love. But what we want to say is to restrict yourself from uploading any picture which makes you look ultra-modern. Being a bride is all about more traditional and cultural ethics. You have to create a positive image in the eyes of your future families. Doing this would keep everyone at peace.
  • Don’t waste time in uploading honeymoon pictures- Make your engagement worthwhile by spending more time with your beloved one instead of uploading pictures all the time. It takes efforts to clear perfect pictures and the best would be to dedicate those efforts in creating happy moments.
  • Don’t ever forget your friends – Just because you are engaged, you don’t have to seclude yourself from your old friends. Keep tagging them in MEMES just like the way you did before! Small but useful tips for all the brides.
  • Keep the male buddies slightly away- Now again we are just talking about the social media platform. In real life, you can continue your friendship with them. However, social media platform is a sensitive thing. Your in-laws may not like you posting pictures with opposite sex so freely.

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