As said, marriages are made in heaven and lived on earth. But, at many times, first marriage might turn out to be a disaster or failure. Well, there may be numerous causes behind the divorce of a couple like incompatibility, physical abuse, verbal abuse or even problem with in-laws. This does not mean that the road to happiness has ended and there are no chances of getting a better life. Indeed, one should be equally excited at the time of re-marriage because it takes place with hope in the heart to get a better life partner than previous one. First of all, the best thing about getting married again is that you have learnt from mistakes in past and came out as winner from chaotic situations.

The idea of re-marriage should be celebrated as the first one. It is because the second chance is something that gives your opportunity to live life in more refined manner. Now that the experience has been in your kitty, it tends to make you wiser and a contended person. Indeed, the self-confidence of dealing with adversities coupled with the hope of getting a better person than the last one makes you feel calmed at the time of re-marriage. It is justified that past memories might haunt and pay obstacle in the way of achieving happiness in the second one. But, living with the past is not good for any new relationship.

Certainly speaking, the best part of getting married again is that one should start with becoming more of friends than husband or wife. It is about understanding each other problems in the past and ensuring that the experience with the new partner is sweeter than before. Of course, forcing relation on each other is just not right. Rather, the development in the relationship should flow as per time. This will give you ample time to know each other and get into the heck of a relationship. And of course, it will help you in identifying mistakes that were there in each other’s’ past relationship and should not be repeated for the betterment of the new one. It is because repetition of the mistakes will sour the relationships further and this will not be a good sign for the couple too.

It is essential for the couple to be more authentic and natural in terms of sharing their view points. This is the reason that the level of cordiality between both of them is better than before. Opening about past and discussing their flaws together will bring out the maturity level. Indeed, it will enable the couple to ensure that which things should be avoided and what has to be accepted. Of course, it is more about accepting each other as they are and not willing to change forcefully. The couple needs to be true to each other and make sure everything goes in the right direction. They need to understand that some or the other flaws lie in everyone and it is time to accept it.

Learning from mistakes of the past is the natural phenomenon that one is aware of. So, this makes it important for the couple to understand that they should not repeat same mistakes in the second relationship of marriage as was there in the first. It is quite certain that such things may affect the second relationship. And when it comes to the matter of staying happy, feeling excited or elated in the remarriage should be on cards too. The reason why one should be equally happy in their second marriage is that they are moving-on from their dark past on new journey filled happiness. So, it is always better to think about re-marriage; if the first one does not work out at all.

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