A wedding ceremonial is more of a formality that takes place in a religious manner. Hence, you cannot afford to disappoint the elders, children, friends and relatives coming to attend your event from far-flung areas. In the Indian tradition, marriage is one of the most auspicious and a grand occasion. Its all about the presentation and the way you handle hospitality. As the events get more trendy and we approach towards more destination and theme weddings, everyone looks forward to seeing something new in the wedding. Either it can be a decoration or it can be all about how you welcome your guest.

The wedding planner can add a little bit of exaggeration by welcoming the guest’s right from the doorstep of the wedding venue. Apart from serving them otherwise, a creative arrangement for welcoming them definitely add a grace to the party.

Give to them a wedding potli – You can stuff the potli with beautiful flowers, artificial necklace, rings or maybe a small bottle of perfume and chocolate. The choice is all yours. A golden potli that consists of little tiny stuff right at the wedding door for welcoming brings a big smile on the face of the receivers.

Offer beautiful flowers – You don’t have to always choose rose when we talk about beautiful flowers. Alternatively, you can use gladiola or any other flower that is available in that particular season. Also, you can add few shrubs around a flower to make it look prettier.

Sprinkle rose water – Sprinkling of water and perfume works best when it’s a monsoon or a summer wedding. It has been traditionally been a part of welcoming the guest who visited the royal courtyard. Same can be followed to the present day.

Anything that is done away from the league looks nice and memorable. A wedding party is not only about two people getting married. It is more about an event in which hundreds of people were called and served to make the day eternally memorable.

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