There are so many wedding rituals that have been derived from the past and still have their existence. The lively wedding occasion must be a combination of modern and traditional ceremonies to make it happy, lively, enjoyable and pious at the same time. It would be exciting to plan the big day in such a way that it satisfies every generation attending the wedding party. You don’t have to annoy the guests by showing that you are biased towards any particular trend. Everything must be well balanced and done in the correct way so that it looks exaggerated and not blank. Only a wedding planner can make such arrangements and satisfy everyone attending the wedding party.

The traditional wedding parties usually took place in churches and holy places like temples. However, with the latest changes, everyone likes to enjoy the wedding party with lots of music and fun. The religious text read out during the wedding is definitely pious and worthwhile. But for the next generation, they are slightly boring and dull. So what should be done to make the wedding a proper blend of ultra-modern and traditional rituals? Well, you ask your wedding planner to book a cool wedding venue where the guests can proceed to when the rituals are taking place. You can plan few activities of them that they can enjoy in the free time.

You don’t have to restrict others because of those long holy traditions followed by you. The modern weddings are generally non-religious in nature and most of the time takes place on beach, Hotel, Garden and art galleries. Don’t ditch your tradition for the sake of becoming ultramodern. You can execute several rituals to stimulate the charm of the wedding party. Groom and bride can still take traditional wedding vows with some modern type of songs and lyrics being played in the background. It is always a nice combination to see the east meet the west. Nothing is more beautiful than being modern yet having your roots in the tradition.

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