As a child, you must have listened to those fairy tale stories narrated by nannies when hushing you to sleep at night in which there used to be a prince charming and a beautiful girl, and the usage of the phrases like “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”. The story used to start on some fine, warm morning of a spring day when a handsome prince comes smartly riding on his stout horse, let the horse be black beauty, as it perfectly fits in the frame of a timeless fairy tale story, so let’s continue, the charming prince stops by an enchanting castle to rightly fix the blinders of his beloved horse but his life takes beautiful sudden turn when his eyes got wonder struck by the aura of an innocent beauty who is busy in feeding the white pigeons with handful of grains at the garden side balcony of her small yet an appealing house. His infatuation led him to send a marriage proposal with a lot of delicacies and flower bouquets to her house. On receiving, such a lucrative marriage proposal from a Nobel family, whose only son is known as the most eligible bachelor in the country, her family happily accepts the proposal and without any delay proclaims the wedding of their daughter through exquisite wedding cards to the town. The whole town starts whispering among themselves of the good fortune of the family tying the ties of kinship with such a Nobel and opulent family. Finally, the wedding day arrives, when a girl beautifully dressed in a diamond-studded white corset looked very graceful and a prince charming in his black suit catches the attention of all countrymen. The father in the church recites some verses from the holy book to conclude the wedding. On the conclusion, of the wedding, all invitees started showering the couple with white flowers as a mark of happiness and blessings .the royal wedding continues with much of its splendor which remained the top talks of the town for the rest of the coming months. Prince, who is drenched in the deep love of his princess, takes her in his arms and rides her to her real home on the black beauty horse thus the story ends with the tag “A princess has got her Mr. Right”.

This fairy- tale story of getting a Mr right by a wonderful stroke of luck is enticing but the question comes that in real life is it easy to get Mr right? Or let it put it another way, Are all handsome looking rich men perfect for getting hitched with? Are there some other qualities needed in so-called Mr. Right? When the time comes to decide for the right man for marriage, it is important to not judge a person from his outer appearance such as how handsome he is, which car does he drive or how lucrative his future career seems to be. Although these qualities are essential in Mr. Right when it comes to spending your whole life with someone, it becomes more important to see what’s inside the cover rather simply going for a snazzy cover which later on loses its shine and top qualities it was once known for. Qualities such as honesty, decency, loyalty, commitment and high level of integrity become essential when one dreams of a happy married life. So your Mr Right should be a man who has a high level of self-respect and integrity, who might not be a selfie guy or a boy who owns most of the villas in a posh locality or the one who owns the latest models of BMW cars but who is a well-educated boy having a good family background who draws decent white salary from a reputed firm for which he works for and has most of the qualities of an upright man and will be with you during your thick and thin times. The one who makes you laugh the most and guides you to become a better human being. Men with such qualities are not easy to find in today’s materialistic world but not impossible also. The only thing you have to do is to take a leap of faith and believe ardently that you will get that original man at a right time because an ardent belief has a miraculous power to let you achieve anything you desire for. It is just not the hollow belief but if you see its practical side, you are what your beliefs are so if you believe to get that Mr. Right, your belief will make you Ms. Right and as you know this inevitable fact of universe that good people like to mingle with the good ones while evil with evils ones so on one fine spring morning, Mr right will also find his Ms right



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