Although the wedding day is already filled with so many significant moments that you are going to be the centrepieces of interest for everyone, but if it has a theme for decoration the fun becomes much more hiked. You can ask your wedding planner to go for a country based wedding theme for stimulating the fun. Ask your wedding planner to do the needed research for the big day as there are so many options to be selected from. Right from the wedding dress till the wedding cake, everything should be according to the country based wedding party.

The main wedding photography takes place during the varmala and a the vidai ceremonial. It is a peak time when the wedding theme gets captured in form of pictures. Imagine having an ordinary wedding lawn decor. Definitely, it is going to annoy you later on when you look at your wedding album. However, on the other hand, if you have a nice theme based background; it won’t only make you feel happy but also proud to put your wedding album before others. It will also be a moment that will be talked about and be compared with all the weddings to take place in the family. The country-based wedding theme generally comprises of a Cowboy boots cowboy hat and accordingly centrepieces. The DJ and wedding band shall specialize in such a kind of reception.

Alternatively, you can go for a Garden based wedding ceremony.  A garden based wedding theme can have the wedding lawn all surrounded by beautiful flowers, shrubs and green grass. Depending upon the wedding season, there are hundreds of options for picking up beautiful flowers. The guest tables, cake, wedding favors and rest of all the area can be decorated with tiny ported flower plants. Also, you can offer cookie shaped that of a flower to the guests that are edible in nature. It’s only when the theme reaches the food, it brings up the real feel for it. Other themes that can be followed are the royal wedding theme, the Bollywood style theme etc.

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