The latest trend of the present time – theme based wedding

The theme based wedding is definitely better than the monotonous ones. They bring out the true charm of the occasion by granting it the next level opulence. Professional event managers and wedding planners are referred by the modern class to organize theme based weddings. The once in a lifetime occasion ought to be special in every aspect. Thus, theme-based weddings are going to turn the one-day festival into an eternal one. Let’s have a look at some of the best theme weddings that can be adopted by the couple to be:

The indoor Garden theme – The first one and the most peculiar one is the indoor Garden theme that gives a natural beautification to the wedding hall. By indoor garden, it clearly means that the hall shall be covered in Greens and with a lot of garden accessories. Despite being an indoor wedding, this particular wedding theme is going to give you a feel of attending a wedding ceremony outdoor.

Vintage – The vintage theme is quite a common one and the best to be adopted for. The wedding planners can bring out the charm by edifying the hall with the golden candles, antique mirror frames, peculiar teacups and innovative centre pieces to make the wedding party look exceptionally interesting.

Glam, gold and black theme – The elite wedding parties are often organized in black, gold and glam themes. The look of a nightclub with a chic element in the wedding party is only possible when you adopt such a luxurious theme. There have to be lots of Red Roses, candles and lighting arrangements to make the venue look super glamorous.

So these were few wedding themes that can be adopted by everyone to follow the suit of the theme based wedding. You can further have a discussion with your wedding planner or the organizer to know what arrangements are possible within your budget.

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