Should you change your surname after marriage?

The male-dominated Indian society is not the only one which compels women to change their surname after marriage. In fact, it is a tradition throughout the world to alter your last name soon after you are tied in the eternal knot.

If you feel convinced to change your name after getting married, these points can fortify your decision –

  • Tell the world that you belong to a different community now

After getting married, you belong to your husband’s family. The last surname clearly shows that you are tagged with your husband. If you are okay with that idea it’s okay to change your surname.

  • Avoid confusion

When someone invites you to a wedding party or any other occasion, they generally used the last name for addressing the entire family. India is still a progressing country and it has not progressed that far. So if you share the same surname, you avoid a lot of questions coming your way.

  • That’s what our ancestors used to do

Why are we turning so rebellious towards traditional costumes? If our ancestors did it, there would have been a substantial reason for it. Everything which is Old is Gold. The tradition of changing the surname is definitely linked with past.

  • Paperwork becomes easy

A marriage certificate, ration card, credit card, property papers and every other legal document is going to have your last name for sure. And if your spouse is having a different surname than yours, people might find things hard to digest.

  • You don’t have to change yourself

Come on, it’s just your surname that is going to change. You don’t have to change your personality or any other thing. The change of surname is just used as an identification mark. Your children will bear the same surname which your husband would have. That is no point in resisting such a labeling.

  • Opportunity to get rid of your previous hilarious surname

Maybe you were put to shame because of your funny surname up till now. Bingo, your marriage is going to change it all. Since you have to legally adopt the surname of your husband; you automatically get over with the previous surname that was constantly putting you into embarrassing situations.

Keep your surname along with your husband’s surname

If you feel that you are too accomplished in your career and changing your surname will make you lose your identity, then you can keep your surname as well as your husband’s surname. What you can do is keep your surname as your middle name and use your husband’s surname as your surname. This way both the problems get solved easily.

After reading few compelling reasons to change your surname, we also understand why girls may feel reluctant to alter their last name. Let’s consolidate those reasons –

  • Your name is your identity

Since you have been living with that name since birth, it’s difficult to ditch it the very first day after getting married. After all, it’s the name that your parents gave you when you opened eyes and you created your identity with that.

  • The funny surname of your in-laws-

Sometimes it becomes difficult to bear with the hilarious surname. It is a cause of embarrassment for girls to announce that altered surnames publicly.

  • Public awareness

If you think that changing your surname will hamper your image because it is by your name that people recognize you then you must not do it. Changing a surname is not a big deal. You will still remain you but the change in name can cost you your business.

  • Paperwork –

Bank account, College degree and other legal documents and passport require bringing about a change when you change your last name. So if you decide to keep the same surname that is your paternal surname you will be saved from a lot of paperwork.

Changing surname or not changing is absolutely your personal choice. Don’t do anything just because others are practicing/not practicing it. If you find it okay from your heart, just do it without giving it a thought. After all, it’s your life and your own thing.

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