Scan the social profiles of the person you plan to marry
No matter whether you have a chosen to go for love marriage or arranged one, knowing the person to the core is really difficult. However, in the era of internet, social media profiles can reveal a lot more than you can think. It can give an in-depth idea about the choice, thinking, friend circle, habits, mental level and originality of the individual. Needless to say; our social media profiles are our mirror. They reflect the true side of a person in one and more day.
In fact, according to a research; profiles of individual help businessmen to discover more about the recruited entity. The real mindset is revealed to quiet and extend through the shared post and status update.
How to find out what social media profile says about a person?
It’s not a rocket science to analyze the social media profile of any person. As long as you are in their friend list and have an Internet connection, you can thoroughly go through the shared content to derive a final conclusion.
● Facebook and Instagram status – Although they say that sharing a status is a random activity. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going through it. But the true fact is that somewhere or the other person is suffering from the written message. You only share the content when you totally agree with the words. Hence it proves that you have gone through it at some of the other points of your life. If it is a depressing meme or status, it’s a clear indication that there is something wrong with your spouse. On the other hand, if statuses are cheerful and full of mockery, it reveals that your spouse probably has a good life.
● Personal pictures – Does his / her social media account have thousands of selfies? It’s a clear indication that a person has the hardcore lover for social media bragging. Anything they do have to be publicized. Such kind of people love talking about their life happenings and do not believe in maintaining privacy.
● News and viral content – People do not post news and ongoing scenarios until and unless it emotionally impacts them. So if your would-be is into posting content about politicians, social events, and similar happenings, it is a true indication that they remain updated with latest happenings. You can feel lucky as the person you are going to marry is witty.
● What your profile picture can reveal? – After researching on more than 66000 social media users, it was revealed that your profile picture has a direct connection with extroversion, agreeableness, openness, and happiness. If you find that a person has a devotional picture as the display picture, it’s a clear indication that they are open-minded. On the other hand, if they do not put their personal picture on the display, it reveals about their narrow-mindedness and a sense of insecurity on social media. Similarly, you might find edited pictures of people to either hide their actual look or age. Fake pictures are used to impress the onlookers. Believe me; such people are fooling no one but themselves.
● Posts about relationship status – People who boast about the relationship and marital life are more insecure than the one who does not initiate such activities. If you actually feel satisfied with your relationship, believe me, you would never give a damn about sharing the content with the public. On the other hand, if you have some kind of insecurity in mind, there would be a need to impress your Lover by publicizing your emotions. In fact, one of the studies from Brunel universities clearly revealed that people who frequently update status about their relationship and partner are the ones who are constantly threatened from within.
● Emoji – Emoji is not only a way to express what you feel but a platform to convey unsaid feelings. People using emoji are known to be more clear and particular about their feelings than the one who does not use any expressions.
Researchers have analyzed more than a million profiles with billions of tweets. out of the created list, it was difficult to categorize people on the basis of power, confidence, emotion and independence.

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