Sacrificing your promising career for family. Is it justified?

Article by Sarah

The current news that indicates misogyny and the fight to incorporate feminism in all minds that seem never-ending has built conditions that say that it has become very necessary for women to get out of their houses and prove not only themselves but their entire kind. Fortunately, with unfortunate circumstances hovering around, women have managed to match their step with men and it feels so wonderful to see a part of the world that understands feminism in its true sense and follows it religiously. Women play hockey, cricket, football, are unbeatable debaters, can be excellent with numbers and at the same time, take care of their respective households. Girl education programs have had a successful impact and all of this has resulted in women having promising and financially secured careers. Now, women can contribute in the financial affairs of their households too.

Moving over to the family – families are important. They are extremely important because they stand through our thick and thin, silently compromise, adjust, make sacrifices and are the happiest when you are happy. If you have such a loving and caring family, you will never face a situation wherein you have to choose between your career and your family in your entire life until utmost necessary. Loved ones never put us in a hook or crook situation. But, life is never fair. Unexpected things happen when you least expect them to. It might happen that someone from your family, very important to your family, might turn really sick and you are the only option the family has. The family looks forward to you for support and love cannot make you deny it.

Can it still not make you deny it if you have to give up on your promising and well-settled career?


Before we get into the core of the above scenario, let us discuss one more.

It is usually observed in in-law families that their daughter – in – law is expected to stay home and take care of all other chores but not work outside. What do you do then? Is it justified for you to sacrifice or give up on your promising career just because the mentality is a little narrow and conservative?

In such cases, the term “giving up” on your career sounds more appropriate than “sacrificing” your career. Why? Because it is not something that is needed by the family. Maybe it is the self – belief of the family that women of their house don’t work outside. Or maybe it is the male-female segregation that makes them think like that. Whatever be the case, if the family asks you to walk out of a career you made on your own, working all day and night and most importantly, you enjoy doing it, then it is NOT justified of you to “sacrifice” or “give up” on it just because the tradition doesn’t accept it. You don’t have to care about anything else if this is what makes you happy and when your heart agrees on to the fact that your family is just trying to save their prestige by pulling you back. You are a wildfire girl and you have got that in you.

For the former case, you are “sacrificing” your career in the real sense if the family needs you and you want to be there for them. And if this is something you really, really want then either of the cases will make you happy. Continuing with your career and prospering in it is a great joy but being able to do something for your family right when you are needed to is a greater one. It is true that you will feel the void in you because you loved your job and it meant a big deal to you. Love, it fills that void. It makes you feel so full of life and proud of yourself. As for family, it will not ask this much of you until needed the most.

Now that you know how things work, make the right decision for yourself.

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