The questions you must ask your partner before marriage

Unhappy marriages are all about lesser discussions, secrets, and discomfort with each other. The unexpected problems in marriages can either make the relation super strong or vanish it for eternity. It totally depends on the couple how they manage that long-term relationship. After all, marriage is much more than just romance and lovemaking sessions. It is a synonym to responsibilities and liabilities in real life.

Getting introduced to your partner for the first time? Do not hold yourself from asking certain questions that may seem important for your life. After all, nobody wants dramas to post marriage. The Indian society does not entertain couples who have crooked married life. Therefore, the best would be to find out the compatibility beforehand. Ask these questions for sure-

Why do you want to get married?

Perhaps this is a very simple question but requires a much-matured reply. The person getting married should know the exact reason behind getting married. Just because the family wants them to get tied in a knot is definitely not the answer for it. The question should come up with genuine answers that you know better.

Do you accept the way I am?

The person getting married should accept you the way you are in the first place. Instead of planning about post-marital personality changes, the marriage should be making life better with the currently available resources. So if someone is getting married to you, it is important for them to remain truthful and adjustable with your knicks and knacks.

What do you think about parenting?

It is but obvious that after getting married you people are going to reap a full-fledged family. The person should not only feel committed to you but also comprise of certain family beliefs and disciplinary way of managing things. The outlook about parenting and the overall philosophy is really important when taking a decision for a wedding.

Can you handle me in rough times?

It goes without saying that a person cannot remain happy and jovial all the time. The adverse situations must come up with unbearable mood swings. Ask your partner whether they are okay in such situations. A person who can manage you in your worst behavior is the one you should live with.

Can you always maintain that spark in life?

People do get busy at some or the other points of life. However, the marital relationship should never suffer in that. Ask them whether they have that zeal to keep the connection alive or not. Test whether they pay more importance to family or career. Prioritizing relationships and career management must be absolutely balanced. Also, if they ask you to sacrifice, try to find out to what extent are you expected to co-operate.

Will you always support me?

With the support of your spouse, you can literally conquer the entire world. After all, they are your better half. When you get the entire support from the one you love, you become all the more forceful and strong. Problems appear less important when you have a shoulder to put your head upon. However, if your husband/wife is hesitant to make a choice, it is a clear indication of his supporting attitude.

How to make this relationship stronger with time?

Couples that grow together are the strongest ones. Mistakes are a part of life but that should not come up with separation and second thoughts. No matter what happens, your partner should be always ready to continue being in a relationship with you. Taking a back seat is definitely not a thing to choose.

How many friends you have or any past?

I hope you are matured enough to find whether the person is biased towards loyalty or not. The base of a strong marriage is all about truthfulness, trust, and understanding. The live conversation between you both would reveal much in a short time. Instead of feeling hesitant and leaving doubts for your future life, try to behave more straightforward and clear in your conversations.

Follow what your heart says and leave the rest upon almighty. The bond of marriage is pre-decided in heaven. However, that doesn’t need you to be careless. Let it all come true by taking those few extra precautionary measures. After all, deeds are substantially accountable for your final destiny.


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