We give utmost importance to privacy and wish to let you know how things work.  Our team would let you know how all the information is collected and utilized.

Through our privacy policy, you will come to know about all the details of our website. We at Nice Shaadi can anytime make changes to this privacy policy, depending on the terms and rules.

Collecting information

We collect all information that you provide on our website. Details include your phone number, your address, your name, your social media accounts as well as other thing. We need this information so that we can bring in customization of profiles. If you want to simply browse the website, no personal information will be needed.

We don’t misuse any of your personal information. We just use it to meet your personal preferences. At times, even your browser, IP address and the website will be tracked. You can even auto-save your password, so that you don’t have to enter it again and again.

Sometimes, 3rd party might send us information about you which we might use and not notify you.  At times, we might also reveal some information in case legal procedures need it. We have association with other parties too, but we aren’t responsible for any misuse of content that happens there.

Everything is as per Indian law & if you have queries, you can contact us anytime you want.