Pre-wedding and post wedding photography tips for priceless remembrance

The wedding photography is particularly the most favourite photographs for the clients. They bring back the memory of the fantastic traditional colours, mesmerizing flower decorations, engrossing music and rituals. Such weddings are rare and leave a perpetual mark in the minds of the guests and the hosts. Every photographer must pay a close attention towards the following details to assemble a perfected wedding album:

Pre-wedding Photos

The pre-wedding photos can also be used to invite the guests for the wedding. Especially there is a growing trend of sending invitations and informing through social media. These photos can be very helpful in such cases. Also, such photos can be broadcasted during the wedding on a projector to create an ambience and warmth.

Post wedding Photos

The post-wedding photos are also important. There are many rituals that are followed after the wedding which is also equally important. Hence it is necessary to ask your photographer to cover the post-wedding photo shoots also.

You can ask your wedding planner to get you in touch with a professional photographer and discuss with them on how the entire process will take place and what all are the events that you would like to get covered.

Don’t forget the groom!

While clicking the photos of the parties one must not forget about the groom. There is so much activity going around when the Barat arrives that it is quite possible to miss out on the moment to click the groom. Also as the groom is mostly seated on a horse it is very important for the photographer to position himself in a way that he gets the best angle for the groom.

The Bride

The bride gets ready for her new life experiences and adores herself in a best possible way through flowers, makeup and saris. It is one of the most precious and the most important stem in the life of a bride. The photographer must bring out the best through his photos. He must click the photos in such a way that it highlights all the aspects of a bride. The pre and post wedding pictures of the bride are the most important for a good wedding album that can be cherished for a lifetime.


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