Planning your marriage is more important than planning your wedding

Article by Sarah


Marriage? Wedding? Aren’t they the same? Practically, yes marriage and wedding are the same. Theoretically, one is more meaningful than the other.


A wedding is a preparation you do to make every ceremony within it, worth of all of it. It is the arrangements you make to mark that single day as the day that changed your life. And it is not just you getting up dressed in all the excitement. It is everybody! All of us have cold feet before we step into the wedding hall or our wedding place.

A wedding is something for which, the parents think of right from the childhood of that girl or boy. They save tiny chunks for this big day. It is about the engagement dress, the actual wedding day dress, the food, floral decorations, candles, rituals, guests, family and friends, dance, fun, frolic and those emotional and nostalgic times. On this day, we prepare ourselves to live it to the fullest! We make efforts and most of us research of new ways in which the wedding day can be a wonderful memory for not just the families, but also for the guests.

Basically, weddings are a medium to show off your partner and to tell the world that you are getting married to the person of your choice!


Marriage is a union of not just two people but their respective families too. It is the celebration of this union that people try making memorable and want to remember and cherish all their lives.

Marriage is the afterlife of the wedding. It is everything that comes after the wedding day and that stays with you till you are alive. It is way beyond just the engagement dress, the wedding gown and all the fun and frolic. Of course, you will have a great, great time with your spouse all your life which is such a wonderful thing if you are wedded to the person you always wanted to be wedded to.

Marriage is what happens after the guests leave, the food is over and the wedding dress is put in the storeroom. Like mentioned above, it is your journey with your life partner. And remember, it is not an easy one even if you both are in deep, deep love with each other. And love is not just the yeses you make because your partner asks you too. It is reality and unfortunately, you might not always feel yourself to be happily married. This is because a lot of unknown facts about your partner and his family might come into the picture. You both might be each other’s best friend but it is not necessary for you to like everything your partner likes, agree to everything that your partner does or for that matter, even his/her family.

You will need to compromise with your needs, adjust with his/her family, make your partner happy by not faking your love but actually showing it which requires lesser effort, manage your work life as well as your household chores which is not going to be easy, at least in the early years of your marriage.


Even before you initiate the planning of your wedding, plan your marriage. Why? Because the wedding is going to last only for a single day whereas marriage is the years you both will live together. You need to prepare yourself for this time. It is natural for you to take time to adapt to different things and aspects that might bother you but not your partner or vice versa.

At times, you will have to forget all the previous argument even if they don’t apologize. You will have to adapt to the change and accept the fact that your partner cannot remember all the small details of your relationship before marriage because they work and your partner needs to understand the same for you. When marriage comes into the picture, it is not just about love, although love is an important element in it, it is a promise you promised you’ll keep. It is a little adjustment from your side and a little from your partner. It is about your ability to understand them and vice versa.

At the end, marriage is about not giving up on each other and you need to be dead serious about it!


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