How successful are marriages via matrimony sites?

Article by Asna

On one fine morning, a doting father calls her dearest daughter who works in a company and asks her that how she finds the boy to whom he recommended her via a matrimonial site. Her open-minded daughter by not communicating her complete disapproval says that she liked him but did not find him like-minded.  on which her father gets confounded and calls the matrimonial site officer and pours the dilemma of his daughter by telling him that a few days back she was talking that people with opposite nature attract but now she is saying that like attracts like .on listening to the tensed father of a daughter, they consoled him by saying that it is a normal thing which happens while selecting the eligible boy for marriage. The advertisement ends here concluding with the lines that it is not easy to find the right match for the marriage but becomes easy when u are at so-called select Shaadi matrimony site.

We are these days surrounded by various matrimonial sites advertisements, the advertisements which are popping up while we are searching something very important related to our office projects on internet luring us to finally get settled with the man of our dreams or on television while we are having lunch with our family, ads which are responsible for bringing the concerned looks on family members faces who are eyeing on us to get hitched with the right mate. These matrimonial sites act as a platform for facilitating one of the pure forms of relation which is marriage where future brides and grooms upload their profiles with the clear specifications of the life partner they are aiming for and accordingly the matches are being recommended to them, leaving them with the pool of candidates to choose from but the question that lingers in the minds of the consumers of these matrimonial sites does matrimonial sites facilitate successful marriages? If yes, then to what extent.The examples of those marriages that came out to be successful through these sites are being boasted by them on their homepage where the bride and groom share their experiences of how beneficial the particular matrimony site proved out for them in helping them to find a so-called soul-mate, Where they are shown in beautiful pictures depicting their blissful marriage for sure there is no doubt  in the success of their marriages but the real success can’t be measured through these pictures and dark and bold proclamation by these sites. Nobody knows what is actually cooking between the newlywed couple.

Although, such platforms are doing good in helping future compatible couples who are at distant places to meet but such sites are being misused by various dubious people who are using this platform for their evil the past, there were several instances where some people make their fake id, faking their elite backgrounds and qualifications thereby luring the bride’s family to accept their proposal then later on coming out to be evil-minded, seeking dowry. While some are into targeting innocent girls with their flamboyant personality description. As these matrimonial sites are available to public and are operating on a profit motive so anyone who is ready to pay the hefty membership fee is a part of it and also the intentions of the members who are joining cannot be correctly identified by these sites, so this poses the problem of authenticity of such matrimonial platforms.

What can be done so that the genuine life partner seekers do not become the victim of unsuccessful marriages? The only thing that can be done is from the side of genuine life partner seekers, they have to be very cautious while selecting their future spouse on such platforms, they should not go with the flow and agree on each and every information provided by them. They should do their own efforts in checking the veracity of their profiles and try to confirm it from the third can also do it by enquiring about them from their neighbors.

As God has provided the reigns of choosing a right mate in your hands by being careful and alert so these matrimonial sites can’t be fully blamed, the family members have to take their complete responsibility in ensuring a so-called marriage made in heaven of their ward.





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