They say that one among the success stories of love is when both the concerned people agree to it and decide to spend their lives together, forever. Just when they begin to think that their relationship has crossed all leaps and bounds and forever is a written story in their book of life, their respective families come into the picture. Then comes, an entire process within itself – Marriage.

A total of 90% of the Indian population go for arranged marriages. With the caste hierarchy system that prevails in India, you are lucky if your parents agree with you getting married to a person who does not belong to your caste or for that matter, sub-caste. However, when the former is not true, you have to struggle with a lot of convincing to allow your parents to agree with you and your choice of life partner.

Anyone of the above cases is possible when marriage is being discussed. Thus, there exist two types of marriages: Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage.

Also, the definition of marriage goes as not only a union of two souls or people but a union of two families. Making all the important members of both these families walk on the same track or think similarly is a tedious task.

Arranged Marriage:

Parents from either of the sides or both the sides are initiators in this case. They look for a partner for their son or daughter that satisfies all the standards as they’ve set for their children since a long, long time ago (or childhood). What comes next is the test of compatibility between the two families. Now, the former and the latter steps can be interchanged and are interchanged in a number of marriage or couple making procedures in a number of families. Aspects of socioeconomic background, cultural and religious background, education, status, parenting and other mutual values are checked upon. When all standards are met and the criteria are satisfied, the son or the daughter is happily married in that family because his/her parents have ensured the safety and security and the same lifestyle for him/her. Arrange marriages have their own set of benefits but the concept had faced a lot of critical opinions too. What the couples actually feel about each other is usually neglected. Thus, while making decisions, parents should give their children time and patiently listen to their views. A number of relatives say that “love shall grow with time” which is not always true.

If you do not feel good about it even when you’ve tried sincerely, talk to them and convince them about it.

Love Marriage:

Love marriage is a friendly and wide concept. When you get the support of your family, nothing in the world can stop you from blossoming pretty with your partner. Maybe this is why love marriage is the new name for fairy tales. You find your Prince Charming or your lost Cinderella, marry them and live happily ever after. One major constraint in love marriages is that you are responsible for your choice of partner. Therefore, it is advised that choose your partner patiently. Also, you need to know yourself and your needs well before choosing a partner for yourself.

Another parameter is parents. You might shed off all worries from your shoulders when your parents support your decision and warmly welcome your partner into your family but, family issues that you never thought would matter, might arise. On the other hand, you and your partner, might both be each other’s best friends but your best friend might sometimes fail to understand or might find it difficult to adjust to a new and different family.

Statistical analysis reveals that love, which is very essential for two people who decide to live together, reaches its peak within or after 5 years in arranged marriages. Love which is already at the peak level in love marriages starts waning post marriage. However, with a little adjustment, compromise, care, passion, support, love of course and the spirit of making it through every hurdle can help both marriages reach a forever.



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