In a Rajasthani Wedding, particularly in the capital region, your reception venue defines one of the main things of the wedding ceremonial. In spite of endless options available, if the wedding venue in Jaipur is not impressive enough for your guests, definitely it may not be considered a royal wedding. No matter how lavish wedding arrangement you have been making so far, but if you have not booked possibly the best marriage garden in Jaipur, nothing is worthy at all. The privileged guests will, first of all, analyze the place that you have selected for the wedding to take place. Hence your wedding planner must take a note of the few important points, before finalizing a wedding lawn.

A wedding ceremonial is not just about the wedding taking place on the main day. Apart from that, there are several other functions which require a full-fledged wedding lawn to conduct them. Ask the coordinator whether there are ample arrangements for such rituals to take place. There are hundreds of beautiful wedding resorts in Jaipur which undoubtedly fit to individual budget and requirements.

Any arrangements for a coordinator?

A coordinator must be present throughout the wedding ceremony. The lighting arrangements, tablecloth, random requirement and arrangement of the guest book are few important things that need to be constantly managed.

Your guests deserve the best hospitality – Look for Best Wedding Resorts in Jaipur

The wedding planner should be initially asked to hand over the list of best wedding resorts in Jaipur, so that you can finalize the venue as per your budget and availability of the venue. Suppose you want wedding lawn for 1000 people and the hired one has a capacity of lesser guests. Definitely, it’s not a worthy to go for such a venue, no matter how beautiful it is.

The wedding lawn must include all the charges including that of tables, linens and the space given. Some of the wedding coordinators just tell you an approximate for the rental space and do not include the cost for the other rented items. Before finalizing, you must know everything about the lawn and its charges. Ask the wedding planner to help you with the same. Set an approximate budget and ask them to make the best possible arrangement in the same. Visit at least 5 to 6 arrangements before finalizing one.

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