The wedding day is composed of series of functions that comprise of lavish dishes, exotic drinks and tantalizing puddings. You just cannot afford to munch all of them if you wish to stay fit on the final day. Since the normal wedding functions begin a week before, you just have to take an extra care that the final day goes off quite well. Maximum of the brides fell sick on the final day because of irregular sleep and improper foods consumed throughout these events. Take the help of your wedding planner to arrange some healthy and light snacks particularly for you and other health-conscious guests. Soon after marriage, you have to shoulder much more responsibilities. Falling sick is no option for the couple to be. So let’s grab those tips that can help you to stay fit and fine on your wedding day-

  • Consume a lot of liquids to keep hydrated.
  • Avoid excessive snacking.
  • Take proper sleep.
  • Munch maximum fruits and fresh veggies.
  • Do not lack proteins as the help you to feel satiated for longer hours.
  • Pay more attention to baked instead of fried.
  • Say no to you sugary food items, order juices and soups more than chapattis and Rolls.
  • Do not over stress yourself for anything. Stress can give you puffy eyes and a dull face which is a big no for the big day.
  • Stay accompanied with your closest relative to feel happy and healthy from within.

For that additional pampering and assistance, ping your wedding planner. The wedding planner will definitely go out of the way to keep you healthy and fit for the final day. The professional planners have a tie-up with eatery and juice shops.  Hence it’s quite easy for them to arrange for healthy food items for their clients.

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