Joint Family or Nuclear Family which one to prefer while deciding on your partner

Sarita, could you please serve my aunt’s kids as she has to leave for her work early, today? Asks her husband

Ok but she has been leaving so early for past 3 weeks, it is the story of every day, I also have my priorities to fulfill and for how long will it continue? Whines his disheartened wife

Sarita, I have a very little say in this matter after- all she is my father’s dearest sister says her understanding husband he further on placates her troubled emotions by saying, dear, it’s been only few months in this house, it will take time for you to adjust to the joint family as you have always lived in a nuclear family but I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts you have made in these few months to happily mingle with the members.

Thanks, dear for appreciating my efforts, a few months back when I became the part of this family, everything seemed very difficult but with your help, I was able to manage the relations and things well and now also I hope that this disheveled period will soon fall back to normalcy.

Her husband warmly hugs her just to make her feel that he is always there by her side, no matter what the situation is then all of a sudden, his phone rings which disturb the harmony between them as the pungent voice of the call symbolises the urgency to leave for his office and then his wife in haste rushes to the kitchen to fetch the lunchbox which she prepared for him lovingly, hands it to him and bids him goodbye.

Such kind of situations are common between newlywed couples which lead to small disputes on day to day basis but sometimes become the concrete cause of their separation hence it becomes very important for the future brides to even decide the type of the family they want to get married in, whether joint or nuclear. But the problem is how to decide the type of the family to get married in. this can be done by simply doing the introspection of your core nature such as whether you loved to be surrounded by many people or be with closed ones. It completely depends on your nature, if you are gregarious one then I suppose you will have a little difficulty in adjusting in a joint family, on the other hand, your nature is such like that you only love to maintain few relations then nuclear could be the best choice. Another could be if you love to maintain the privacy of everything that is related to you then mind it joint family is not for you because in a joint family, most of the things cannot be kept private, it is all about sharing. If you have an autocratic type of nature where you want everything to be according to your taste like the colour of the walls, type of utensils, colour of the car then Remember, for a joint family to be happy, it is important that the members in it follow a democratic form of nature otherwise altercations will become its common characteristics. Girls with empathetic attitude are more likely to maintain good relations with everyone who surrounds them so their chances of success in adjusting to a joint family are more than who are self-concerned. If you always been used to sacrificing chocolates for your younger brother or an elegant gown for your elder sister, in other words, you believe in sacrificing or compromising your own needs and desires for the sake of happiness of others then the joint family could be a good match for you.

There could be myriad number of other reasons to decide your adjustability, it could be the type of the family background, their status .it is observed that members of rich joint families having good status in the modern society have good amount of freedom to live their life on their own terms than the members of traditional middle-class joint families while on the other hand there are some nuclear families which are very conservative. In the end, you have to keep in account all the factors like your core nature, the type of the family background when deciding about your marriage so be wise and choose carefully after all it is the matter of your whole life.










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