You have to break all those so-called jewellery rules if you don’t want to spoil up your wedding day. A little guidance towards selecting the right bridal jewellery in Jaipur can turn you into a real swagger. The correct jewellery completes your looks in an integral way. Also, it can add that exquisite look to your personality. So what probable suggestions can your wedding planner give you let’s check out

A matching necklace – The necklace should be according to the selected dress, especially the neckline. Don’t randomly select jewellery because it looks exaggerating. Ask your wedding planner whether it will go perfectly with your bridal lehenga or not.

Detachable jewellery pieces are the best – The wedding jewellery is generally made heavy. However, you are not always going to carry such heavy jewellery. So the best option is to buy detachable jewellery set so that your investment on it remains useful forever.

Match your earrings with hairstyle – Visualize your hairstyle before finalizing the earrings. You can also rehearse it for getting a clearer picture. If it doesn’t suit your hairstyle, choose another alternative as you cannot afford to spoil your big day.

Wedding planner can be your best friend

A wedding planner has tie-ups with several branded jewellery stores and designers. You can contact them for making suitable arrangements for getting a perfect deal of bridal jewellery in Jaipur. Who knows your wedding planner may be skilled enough to help you enchant your overall wedding dress without needing any external assistance. Do not forget to carry the best hair jewellery as they bring out the real enticing look for the wedding photography. Apart from the main wedding ceremony, there are many other functions like Mehendi, Sangeet and for which you need subtle jewellery pieces. Ask your wedding planning agency to help you in selecting the best pieces matching with your dress.

Alternatively, you can also ask your wedding planning agency to visit reputed Jewellers of the city. Many Jewellery houses of the city are world famous and your wedding planner will help you get to know about best of the modern and traditional designs. These century old traditional families are famous for designing and making world class bridal jewellery in Jaipur and because of the relationship between your wedding planner and these Jewellery houses, you can buy the best jewellery for the wedding and other occasions.

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