Is it good to marry somebody from a common distant relationship?
Sometimes getting married to your acquaintances is a better idea than getting eternally tied to someone unknown. When you marry someone from a common yet distant relationship, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages related to it.
Let us begin with the advantages first –
● Reliability – Since you are getting married to your acquaintances, the biggest advantage is that you can discover more about the in-laws, spouse and their overall status. A marriage taking place within a distant relationship is all about genuineness and assurance. There are no hidden facts that can betray the marital relationship.
● Easy to trust – Since you know that everything is happening with all the confidence, you have more trust and faith in your relationship. Certainly, you and your parents acquired sufficient knowledge about the other family. The element of trust strengthens the relationship manifold.
● Lesser cases of dowry – Everybody wants to have a positive social respect. Getting married in acquaintances or distant relationship ensures that no special demands are there from the groom`s end. The moment they ask for dowry or any extra favor, it would get all unleashed throughout the family without any delay. This can spoil their social status in return. Therefore, people are reluctant to demand any dowry when the marriage takes place through a common relation.
● Common relatives – The mutual relatives in both the families bring more happiness and colors in the wedding ceremony. They are the link. There is an element of compatibility and happiness instead of formalities and discomfort.
● Easy to approach – When you have relatives in common, it’s easier to approach the groom and bride family through the common link. In a general practice, it is quite time-consuming to reach the family and come to the final wedding date. However, once the families have all the confidence in each other, they can right away finalize the wedding event without any apprehension in mind.
● No domestic violence – Just the way dowry cases are avoided, in the similar way marital relationships are strengthened when there is a fear of social image. People try maintaining a better marital relationship for the sake of society and status. They fear to do wrong because the truth would not remain hidden for long. The common relatives would at once favor the right.
● More helping hands – The common link between the families would always stand by side. The moment there are troubles in the relationship, there would be sufficient people to lend a helping hand always. Neither the groom nor the bride side relatives can ever back out in adverse situations because of their social image.
Are there any disadvantages to marrying someone belong to a distant relationship?
Every coin has two sides and hence marrying someone who belongs to your distant relative might possibly effective in a few negative ways.
● Excess family interference – The common relatives have to be satisfied by both the families once everything is decided. Therefore, people might poke their nose in each affair of the wedding ceremony thereby making things slightly intolerable.
● Genetic disorders – There is .1 % possibility that marrying distant relationship can end up transferring certain genetic disorders.
The wedding is an uncertain affair that cannot be judged on a single parameter. You must take things on a positive note and target to make a supporting contribution. Leaving the rest on luck would be a better idea because weddings are created in heaven and destined here. Even if you do best of arrangements, surveys, and precautions; once it’s destined, it’s bound to happen.

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