Sending an invitation is like giving an extra emphasis while inviting someone to attend your party. One can view a large variety of such cards at their local wedding planner. Planned greeting cards are both impressive and economical at the same time. With specialized wedding planner, sending cards is an easy affair. Following are some major ides of invitation card ideas for your friends and relatives:

  • Choose the cards: Unlike paper cards, online cards are available in uncountable sizes, designs and patterns. Such cards are always available for sending them to the near and dear ones, unlike paper cards which have to be printed in a limited amount. There are many online portals over the internet that tends to portray thousands of invitation cards for the customers to choose from. One can customize the cards as per requirements and can readily forward them at desired email addresses and on online social networking accounts.
  • Animated and musical cards: With customizable invitation cards, one can add a fantastic music along with a petty animated clip within the cards before sending them to the receivers. Such cards are more impressive and effective than ordinary paper cards.
  • Cards within dry fruit boxes: People want to cut back on their hassles by attaching the dry fruit box along with the invitation card. Firstly it saves your time in a post-wedding visit for the delivery of sweets. And secondly, the card becomes more compelling and attractive. After receiving such a substantial invitation, who would deny attending your party?

Hire the wedding planners

The hassle-free arrangements of hundreds of paper cards and then posting them individually are a source of big trouble. With an expert to help you out in such an affair, it becomes absolutely convenient for the couple to concentrate on other important things. The electronically available cards tend to set one free from the hassles of visiting all the houses to invite the near and dear ones or posting the cards by visiting the post office.

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