The special feeling of love can get physically certified in form of a tattoo. You can feel the love of your partner in form of the engraved tattoo on their body parts for eternity. The lifetime experience of tattooing keeps the love alive with utmost passion.
Seeing your partner getting inked with your name makes you land in the ninth cloud. It’s the most special feeling in the world when they express their love for you in such a subtle way.
Why do couples get inked?
The tattooed body part is a constant reminder of your love. It is a way to express how amazing your relationship is. Tattoos can fasten up the bond between you and your partner in one and more ways. Couples with matching tattoos magnify their relationship bond enormously.
Here are few best tattoos in ideas for the bride of the groom –
● I Love You – The statement of love is the cutest tattoo ever. It is a public declaration that you both are madly in love with each other. However, it’s a quite common tattoo idea at the same time. The monotonous tattoo becomes immediately impeccable when your partner gets I love you more tattooed on their skin.
● Cross – Maybe you and your partner belong to a different religion altogether. Respecting the spiritual beliefs of your partner by getting tattooed according to their religion is a worthwhile thing to do. You don’t have to always Express Love by creating a heart or engraving love words on your hands. Sometimes, doing things out of the box makes the marital bond stronger.
● Cartoon Love – Maybe you always had a very funny relationship that was all about glory and cheerfulness. Express your love with the fun-loving cute tattoos that have the male and female version of cartoons on the wrist of each partner. For example, the male can get a Mickey Mouse tattooed while the wife can choose Minnie Mouse engraved on her wrist.
● Key and the lock tattoo – Either of you can have a lock and key to have a great tattoo Idea as a couple. The lock and key combination expresses the intensity of your Bond and closeness of your relationship. The ones who are capable of reading in-between the lines would clearly understand that the couple blissfully completes each other sexually, physically and emotionally.
● Connecting design – The peculiar way to say that you complete me is to choose a design that is parted between you and your partner. Until and unless your partner brings their body part together with you, the design remains incomplete. That’s a creative and beautiful idea for having a couple tattoos.
• Ex- Incomplete colored circles – This is yet another design that has a split design located on the list of each partner. When the partners bring their hands together, the circle gets completed into a bright and colorful design.
● Wedding rings – The permanent wedding rings are so much fascinating than the traditional jewellery based ones. Just the way a couple has an inseparable love for each other in their heart; the wedding rings inked on their fingers are irremovable.
● Wedding tattoo – A beautiful design of Mr. and Mrs. on the wrist or neck of the married couple is a fun way to signify the fact that they are tied in an eternal bond.
With great tattoo artists come beautiful tattooing ideas for bride and groom. Quite a lot of designs depend upon the religion, geographical and psychological factors. However, this article discusses few general tattooing ideas that can be chosen by any couple.

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