Things to take care of, in case of inter-caste love marriage

India is a place of varying culture, caste, and religion. Yet, marrying someone who does not belong to your caste and culture is something unacceptable even to the most illiterate people of the society. The moment you confess about loving someone who does not belong to your caste, parents immediately put a reverse gear to their thinking and drive back to 17th century. The orthodox society requires some extra care while initiating a marriage that is out of the box.

How to convince your parents for an inter-caste marriage?

  • Check out what concerns them – It’s quite natural for the parents to feel apprehended regarding the way other castes take up things. They feel scared for the repercussions in case if the inter-caste marriage does not work. Formulate a list of all the doubts and make sure that you clear them right away in a very pleasant way.
  • Highlight what’s good in the partner – The moment you try to seek their approval, explain the spiritual and emotional qualities of the person you love. Talk in a way to make them understand things instead of trying to impose your marriage on your parents.
  • Select sufficient evidence – A successful marriage requires versatile examples to seek approval. You don’t have to introduce them to someone very extraordinary. Search for some successful love marriage examples in your own family and quote them before your parents.
  • Ask your siblings for support – Having someone who supports you in the family is certainly going to make things easier. Your siblings can help you to convince your parents apart from giving you the much required emotional support. Ask your cousins to talk to your parents on your behalf. The given expressions by your siblings should be free from any biases or imposition.
  • Have patience – In inter-caste marriage which takes place with the consent of both the families takes a lot of time. It can take even couple of years for your parents to accept your relation. Instead of pressurizing them about eloping, try to have a meaningful debate with them at regular intervals. Stop behaving immature and also do not beg for the approval. Talk politely but it in a dignified way. Tell them that you need their blessings in form of their approval.

Things to be taken care of in an inter-caste marriage –

Soon after your parents are convinced, you have to deal with several other challenges. Believe me, love marriage is a tough task in the Indian society. Convincing your family and letting things happen peacefully is something only lucky people can do. However, it’s not a rocket science to manage your families after a total pull off. Finally, take care of-

  • Rituals – The biggest apprehension for the Indian parents is about voiding the rituals after the inter-caste marriage takes places. Ensure them that you will follow every important step which requires it to create a perfect inter-caste marriage.
  • No hostility – Certainly you have faced enough in convincing your parents and fighting back with the society. But then, you finally have that bliss at your disposal. Do not ruin things by keeping hostility of the past experiences.
  • No biases – Exaggerating the boy side has no room in case of inter-caste love marriage. Both the sides are considered to be equal and relevant adjustments have to be made. Since it’s the sole decision of the couple; the boy must not follow the suit by imposing things upon the bride’s side. Just because it’s a male-dominated society, things should not end up ruining peace.

If you truly adore your partner, no obstacles can stop you from being one. The physical appearances and the hindrances caused by the society shall not bother you at any cost if there exists a firm determination. Marriage is an eternal lifetime commitment. Facing ups and downs is a part of cultural clash. However, the beautiful journey is worth tolerating anything. As long as the couple is determined to stay together, petty issues arising as a result of inter-caste marriage shall not affect the relationship.

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