When is the Ideal time to conceive a baby?

Article by Sarah


Conceiving is a pretty big deal for working women. Everything changes including work life, lifestyle, eating habits, exercising and even love life at times. A child is a love or like many say, a proof of the love between you both. But, it is also a responsibility and not to make it blunt, but a child is a 20-year project you both have to work on. The project demands your time, your love, your care, your attention and your money. You can conceive a baby whenever you want to. But you have to keep in mind the preparations you need to make before the tiny star comes out into the real world. If you conceive with no preparations, having a baby is going to be tough and delightful. To make the initiation of your parenthood only delightful and not tough or disappointing, you need to plan that “ideal time”.

There are the “other factors” that mean a lot and should be essentially included in the process of decision making and should be given equal attention.


You need to be financially stable to provide the child with everything that is needed for vaccinations, vitamin supplements, clothes, proper food, proper precautions, etc. You as well as your partner need to be mentally prepared for this. You cannot bring the child into this world if you feel unprepared. The health of not only the mother but also the father should be taken care of. Do not force the mother. It is a life-changing process for her that will affect her mental and physical situation. Give her time.

Get pregnant when you both have both the “yeses”.


Why does the article stress more and more about why you need to be financially stable? It is because in the early years of parenthood or while the child is still a baby, his health is of utmost importance. You can take care of him by using already existing resources but main aspects like vaccinating your child from time to time with proper consultation, maintaining the health of not only the mother but also the father, regular check-ups, vitamin and mineral supplements if needed, clothes, toys, education, in the long run, his wants and needs and the list goes on. At the same time, you cannot forget the bills you have to pay.


The child you bring into this world is entirely your responsibility. It is natural for almost anybody and everybody to freak out but not being ready for it will devastate the entire thing. When you are mentally prepared, you can focus on what all is needed and make it sure that you have it all beforehand. You welcome the baby with open and warm arms, just like he wants to be invited by his father/mother. It is true that life is going to change drastically and that you have to act more responsible than before but it is worth all of it. DO NOT let the baby suffer just because there was no mutual agreement between you and your partner. Say if it is a yes and say even when it’s not.


Most households stress on couples conceiving as soon as possible or maybe right after marriage. They need to understand it that it is your consent that matters. Not to ignore that you too need to understand that it is the consent of your partner and you that matters. Approve on making a baby when you have a full proof family plan. You definitely don’t have to think of future while you are in your present but when it comes to a child, future is IMPORTANT. Discuss how many babies you want to have. Also, discuss the age difference between both of them. Will you be able to manage your time and schedules for both of them? Think of the mother and ask her about it. Think about yourself too.

When you have got all three factors covered, congratulations, you now have the ideal time!






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