As know, wedding is an important affair that requires careful planning and paying attention to every aspect associated with it. Though, there are many things to check out; but, the main idea is to make a proper guest list with authentic details. It is a definite thing that one should work on their guest list and check out as to whom should be called or not. But, everything has to be done in a planned manner without much difficulty. First of all, one should always start with the family members and the close relatives. Of course, they are significant people and should be on your priority list for sure.

After the family and close relatives, it is the turn of distant relatives that should be on the guest list for a wedding. Here, one should always be cautious as to how many members from each family are expected to join the function. This will give you clear ideas as to how many guests are going to turn around. And it will help you in finalizing a venue that has similar capacity to your finalized guest list. It is essential to know such things as preparations happen to become easier than ever. Indeed, the guest list has to pen smartly and no one in known circle should be left.

And of course, friends should not be left at all. After close and distant relatives, it is necessary for the hosts to work on including their friends in the wedding guest list. This will enable you to decide as to which friends are going to come at what function related to wedding. Wedding is not just a one-day affair; rather, it is more than 3 days affair that covers with pomp celebrations. Certainly, it is essential to work out on the guest list with proper details. When it comes to the matter of penning wedding guest list, one should not leave anyone in their known ones.

Now that the friends have been included on the list; it is necessary for you to make a list of colleagues and office friends to be included in the party. Definitely, their family members can be on the wish list too. So, it is always better to keep your wedding guest list on track. When the guest list is ready, it is necessary to send official invites and not just making phone calls. It is because making phone calls does not sound good enough. As the guest list is ready, one should decide over as what should be included in the invite. Apart from a well-designed card, few small gifts can also be a part of the invite. Assorted chocolates, roasted almonds or sweetened cashew nuts can be included as the gifts with the card.

If there is any kind of dress code for the various functions; it is necessary for the hosts to mention those in the card. This will enable the guests to dress up accordingly for each function they are invited and look good as per theme. Certainly speaking, including important nity gritties will help you in organizing things in a better way and ensure everything goes right. So, make sure that the wedding guest list is designed properly and no detail should be missed out at all.

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