How to tell the world that you are engaged now?

The blissful feeling of getting engaged is not bestowed to everyone. Feel super lucky as the Almighty has blessed you with the eternal ring on your finger. Spending some time in announcing the world about your engagement is definitely a good idea. However, there has to be a particular method to do it. Recklessly telling the world about your engagement is not the way. After all, you have your in-laws and social relations to take care of.

How to tell everyone that you are engaged in a subtle way?

  • Tell it to your parents before telling it to the world

Many families have gone progressive and love marriages have become yet another common thing. Your parents deserve the first place when it comes to counting your near and dear ones. Before telling the happy news to your friends and relatives, explain your relationship scenario to your parents through a video call or phone call. Children getting engaged are one of the most significant moments for the parents. They deserve to know it immediately.

  • Phone call/video call to relatives/ friends

The Limited number of people whom you find important can be approached on a phone call or video call. The announcement of engagement doesn’t have to be a public hype. Communicate the important event of your life to a handful of meaningful people.

  • At someone’s wedding party

Come on! You don’t have to think that much when it comes to announcing the happy news. Take all the permission from the wedding couple before you do grab a mic and publicly announce your engagement along with the wedding date (if decided.)

  • Throw a party

Spreading the news is easiest when you throw a party for the same. Organize a small but beautiful party that announces your engagement ceremony to everyone whom you want to know. Either you can choose to get engaged once again or simply make an announcement for the same in the middle of the event.

  • Post on social media

Social media is one of the best ways to spread news, request or petition. Instead of using the traditional way of throwing a party, become modern by simply posting few great snaps on the social media platform. You can also post the picture of the engagement ring for making things clearer.

  • Announce it through a newspaper

Another best way to announce your engagement ceremony is with the help of a local newspaper. Frankly speaking, this is a great way to save your time in managing a party and avoiding gossips. If you belong to an elite family and you think this news needs to be known to all, across the city, you can choose for this option too.

  • Shoot a video

Upload a 15-second shot video along with some pictures and important details on a social media platform. An engagement announcement in form of a video can be a great idea. You are definitely going to get more comments and compliments on everything.

When to hold a backseat from announcing about your engagement with the world?

The rules for announcing your engagement ceremony don’t have to be hard. However, if you are not a person who appreciates limelight and comments, the best would be to shoes a careful method to do it. People are definitely going to question you and have some intravenous regarding your life. In order to give the same answer to everyone, social media is the way for it.

Announcing about your engagement comes with certain important conditions. Make sure you do not initiate it in the following circumstances –

  • When someone had a breakup
  • When there has been a death in the family
  • When you know people are not going to feel happy
  • When you want to keep your wedding a surprise or a secret


Why is it important to formally announce your engagement?

Planning a wedding comes with lots of changes in life. You have to get that much-required support of your elders and friends that time. Keeping aloof with everyone is not the way to celebrate your happy times. Soon after you are engaged, the best is to send a formal or casual invitation to everyone in your family.

People feel happy to receive those invitations when someone is getting tied in an eternal knot. Believe me, our elders are the happiest when they receive those much-awaited wedding announcements in form of engagement invitations.

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