How to lose weight before your wedding?

The once in a lifetime occasion makes you alter your physical appearance apart from everything else.  Most of the time, weddings are decided just a few months after engagement. And that’s when you have to face the real stress of losing weight along with bearing with the pain of separation. You get little time to do everything. The mental challenge is easy to deal. But those side bulges, imbalanced thighs, and hip area is the toughest part of wedding preparation for the bride to go through.

We want to look perfect on our wedding day. Apart from the makeup, our body shape definitely matters a lot in creating overall grace. A perfect body definitely impresses the groom along with making you feel self-satisfied and confident about you.

I personally felt relaxed after following these amazing weight loss tips. Believe me; I was able to lose weight very quickly with my pure bridal instinct-

  • Go for GM diet plan

Perhaps one of the most difficult but effective ways to lose weight is GM diet plan. You have to particularly rely upon uncooked food, fresh fruits, and vegetables for a week to lose weight and shed toxicity. Check out the exact 7 day GM diet plan for getting that change in your body.

  • No food after 6 PM

Your metabolism works much better during the daytime in comparison to night. That’s the reason why Jainism and several other religions prohibit consumption of food after 6 o’clock. Since GM diet plan is not doable for everyone. So, the next best option is to alter your food timings. Consume whatever you want before 6 o’clock and try to fill your tummy with maximum fruits and uncooked food after that. Do not skip meals and do avoid sugar. Believe me; you will see your tummy getting in shape within a week. Continue the same till you achieve the desired results.

  • Coconut oil in the navel

Coconut oil is known to induce metabolism and keep your body away from heat. Oiling your belly button can come up with unbelievable benefits. One of the best ways to lose weight and keep your colon clean is by applying warm coconut oil in your belly button at least twice a day. Also, massage a little amount of coconut oil on your belly area around one inch near your navel. Besides losing weight, applying coconut oil in the belly button also naturally clear up the blemishes, dark spots and dullness.

  • Use Heating pad

Go for either gel based or electric heating pads for improving blood circulation along with losing weight. Heat your tummy with the help of a gel-based heating pad for improving your digestion and getting that glow. The easiest way of fomentation not only helps you to lose weight but also brings out the glow on your face.

  • Consume warm water

If you find it difficult to use the heating pad to burn fat deposits, consume a lot of warm water throughout the day. Squeeze a lemon for the better workability of warm water on your body. Warm water breaks away the fat deposit into tiny parts. Those tiny parts are easily removed through faecal matter. Consumption of warm water throughout life is medically recommended. Apart from keeping you fit, it prevents cancer and poor blood circulation.

  • Say “yes” to Fruit juice

If you do not like consuming fruits like I do, the best alternative is to grab a glass of fresh Fruit juice every day. Make sure you do not consume the processed juices as they have added sugar. Extract the natural juice from different fruits to create a mixed fruit juice at home. Apply the leftover fruit pulp on your face as a natural fruit pack to hit two birds with the single stone. The liquid form of fruit is better ingested by the body.

Following these tips would definitely help you to become a slim bride on the final day. Losing weight and getting healthy is always a good option, but never go on crash diets. It will not only make your skin dull and lifeless but it won’t be fruitful in the long run either.

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