How to know, you are in love and are ready for marriage?

Managing a relationship and getting ready for a full-fledged marital life are two different things. Sometimes, a person dwindles between love and infatuation. That is a situation when it’s difficult to differentiate whether you like a person or have fallen in love with them. Probably, this article is going to let you know the fundamental characteristics of love and marital life. After that; you can personally introspect things for a better understanding.
It’s a harsh reality that a person who may admire might not be the person for you. It’s not just loving that matters in a relationship. There are so many other things that take to create a successful and eternal marital life. Continuous dedication, no expectation, high tolerance and wiliness to shoulder responsibility are just a few requirements. You must seek these in yourself to know whether you are actually fit for a marital life or not. If you lack any of the above-mentioned things, believe me, you still need time.
How to find out whether I am in love or not?
Now, that’s a good question you asked!! There is a very fine line between infatuation and real love. When you are able to differentiate between the two, it’s all the beginning of a good marital relationship.
1. Infatuation and crushes are generally short-lived and temporary
2. You don’t really adore someone for more than a span of 3 months if they are your crush. However, if you permanently feel for them and have a desire to commit things, there is a symptom that you have fallen in love with them.
3. Infatuation brings restlessness whereas laugh brings peace of mind and security.
4. You accept the flaws and appreciate the good in the person when you are truly in love with someone; whereas, infatuation is all about good looks, high status, and more power.
5. When you are willing to put your partner in the first place, it is love. And when you are dominating, it’s a clear case of infatuation.
Are you adjustable?
Adjustability and flexibility come with age and maturity. When you start giving importance to little things and focus more upon abstract (like happiness, peace, and care) believe me; it’s the perfect time for you to get married. Oppositely, if you have more lure for materialism, luxurious and swag, you still need a little more time to understand the intricacies of a marital relationship. A healthy marital relationship is majorly about sacrifices instead of luxuries. The sacrifices should never pinch you. In fact, they should make you feel happy, satisfied and more aggravated to manage the relationship.
Do you have tolerance?
No matter whether you are a guy or a girl, if you can tolerate the flaws and wrong of the opposite sex, you can think about getting married. You just cannot afford to react and retaliate on every little thing just the way you have been doing till now. Finally, you have to become the caretaker instead of expecting someone else to pamper you like your mother did till now.
Can you adjust in less?
No matter where you are going to marry a corporate personality or a business tycoon, there can be times of hardships and difficulties. If you are a person who cannot tolerate the odd circumstances must hold on a little bit more. No one has seen tomorrow. It’s pointless to get tied in an eternal knot if you cannot accompany your partner in adverse situations. Breaking the marital knot in unfavorable circumstances can put your partner in the worst situation. Do not aim for getting married if you can ever think about breaking the bond just because you can’t adjust in less.
Can you accept the way they are?
Do you always crib about the lacking your partner has? Is your relationship not going as smoothly as it should? Are there frequent clashes because of mismatch thinking? If yes, there is still time for you to get into a wedded relationship. A healthy and peaceful marital life is accepting someone with all their flaws in their happiness. You just cannot get over with the fact that a person cannot become exactly the way you are. We all are born different after all.

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