So finally the date of the big day has been decided and now you have to get the wedding cards printed. Missing out any of the guests can give an invitation to a whole lot of drama in the family. Moreover, you cannot afford to invite everyone as you have a limited budget and want to remain out of the chaos. So what should be done? Take the help of the wedding planner to manage all the guests and wedding arrangement to keep you burden free. Grappling with the anxiety of guest list can get easily encountered with a professional wedding planner.

Few tips regarding preparing the list and keeping the relatives happy:

  • Estimation of number of guests – Definitely, you have a clue for the total relatives you have. The catering service must be hired accordingly so that everyone gets equally served.
  • Go for Digital invitations as well- Besides adopting the routine method of posting cards and inviting your relatives, grab a digital way of doing it. You can accompany a phone call along with a digital invitation to make your invitation more compelling. This forms an alternative in case you fall short of paper-based wedding cards or if you miss out on someone. Facebook is the best way to send out such invitation.
  • Make suitable arrangements- Suitable arrangement doesn’t end up with picking up and dropping the guests to the wedding venue. It also undertakes their residing arrangements. Ask your wedding planner to have a tie-up with a good hotel that is near the located to the wedding venue. Also, ask them to arrange for car rentals so that every relative who comes from out of the station is given with proper transportation facilities.
  • Go for a destination wedding – Finally, if you want to keep the wedding list limited, choose to go for a destination wedding. A destination wedding would encounter the several hassles automatically. And the best part is that the wedding planners are specialized professional in such kinds of weddings.

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