Wedding gifts are an integral part of the occasion. And since the wedding season is approaching near, you need to make sure that you give the guests something that they do not feel like throwing away. The choice of your gift portrays your feeling towards the receiver, perhaps you can give them a couple of interesting gifts instead of monotonous boring presents. Let’s find out what all you can give to not to disappoint the wedding guests on receiving the gift.

  1. Online Shopping coupons- The online shopping coupons are great way of gifting and thanking the guest. You can gift them with such coupons which give them a cash back on their online shopping.
  2. Dry fruits – Since you are sending a gift to your loved ones, quality compromise should not be done at all. You can give them a beautiful box of dry fruits and chocolates.
  3. Silver coins – Few silver coins packed well in a red box look really gracious. The Silver coins act as a token of blessings from the elder ones and a subtle thank you . If your budget allows you, you can gift all your guest with a box of sweet and a silver coin.
  4. Local unique gift- If you feel that your most of the guests are from other part of the state that you reside in. Then you can also go for gifting them a local specialty or a artwork that they won’t find in their state.

You can give a try to a professional wedding planner to assist you in selecting the best gift according to your budget. The planners have a tie up with innovative ideas and customized gift portals. This will let you know what suits the best for you to gift the guest as a token of thanks.

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