A wedding ceremony is mainly remembered because of its food menu. Guests may not remember the venue, caterers, location and other details of the wedding ceremony, but they will definitely remember the menu you kept for welcoming them. Hence, it is the foremost duty of the wedding planner to arrange for exceptional food items that are lavish, tasty and memorable.

Keep a variety

If it is a typical Punjabi or Muslim wedding, chicken, mutton and other non-veg dishes are quite obvious to be present in the buffet. However, what about the vegetarians? Do you think that it will impress them enough? The best is to keep a variety of every kind of food. Don’t just focus on keeping lavish dishes. Also, pay attention towards light snacks that can be munched by the guest who is attending the wedding ceremony. Also, keep something attractive that the kids will like.

Try keeping multiple cuisines

Youngsters are fond of Chinese food while the old age groups prefer Indian cuisine. In such a case you cannot afford to disappoint any of the guests. Make sure you keep a combination of everything in the wedding menu. If you are planning to keep dosa, idly, Wada, then also make a point to include noodles, Manchurian, Spaghetti and Sushi rolls. There should be something for everyone on the wedding menu.

Don’t overdo the desserts

Desserts are the last part of the wedding food. Hence, there is a probability for them to get wasted more than any other food item.  Most of the people don’t have enough space in their tummy to reach the dessert stalls. Therefore, it is your duty to arrange for quality but limited dessert varieties. The best combination of desserts would be Gulab jamuns, ice creams, truffle cake and hot pudding.

A wedding planner can bring you with the best of caterer services in the town. They can also help you decide on the menu and other such things. There are many events other than the wedding event which starts around one week prior to the wedding date. Hence it is required that food arrangements are made with utmost care and planning.

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