Education After Marriage: Opportunities And Challenges

Article by Sarah


Education is essential for both the genders. With education comes thinking and with thinking comes progress. When both members of the family are well educated and well to do, the entire family can prosper.

There are some families that think of getting their children married only when their children turn financially independent and mentally stable for it. At times, due to family pressure or other unknown facts, education is brought to a standstill and marriage is given preference. The legacy has not been erased completely for scenarios dealing with “first marriage, then education” are still witnessed. In such a situation, bringing education back on track is a tedious task.

Why is education after marriage tedious?

Continuing with education after marriage is a tedious task because not all in – law families allow or accept to it, especially when it comes to women. If the woman gets pregnant unknowingly, she cannot really help but concentrate on the health of the baby and herself rather than education. Some families that urgently need some modifications in their thinking believe that it is a disgrace to the family if the daughter – in – law earns more than their son which is why a permanent full – stop comes ever education.

Like the men, women too can progress and prosper and help the family grow if education is also a priority.

There are many challenges that one has to face on a personal level when education is continued after marriage. Let us talk about some of them.


Nowadays, with the massive range of awareness programs going on in every nook and corner and life stories coming to the limelight, not all women have to face a hard time convincing their families or in-law families about them pursuing higher studies or at least for continuing with their education. But, a narrow part still stays in the dim where women are married and brought to the house just to take care of the family and serve them from time to time. It is disheartening to know that a considerable population in India still thinks that education for women is limited. When it comes to families of this kind, convincing becomes difficult. It becomes all the more difficult if you plan your education in a foreign country or city.


For now, let us ignore the tiny chunk that emphasizes on the further education and development of their daughters or daughter – in – laws. Most cases have been observed wherein the married women talk about her further studies and is allowed only if she agrees on to manage the household chores at the same time. For a woman, it is not an impossible task but yes, it is difficult and demands too much of her. Taking care of household chores cannot really help you invest your time in studies, especially if you are the only one working the house.


Now, this is something really challenging if you have a baby. Since the baby is in its primitive years of growth, the mother is needed that most. You have to be available for your child almost all the time and that gives you less time with books. You can take a break for some time or gear up the learner, boost the spirit in you and get it all done. If you have that strong willpower and dedication in you, you can breastfeed your baby with one hand and read the book with another!


You cannot expect much from your family but you can expect a great amount of support from your spouse. If you get some of it, you are good to go. This issue isn’t as grave as it was before but for some women, the support given by the partner is not as it is expected to be. When you get a little understanding, some motivation, and support, it is true that you can fly with colors and life becomes a little easy.

Despite all the prevailing challenges, let anything not knock you and your spirit down!

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