Neither the wedding couple nor their parents had any clue about what was drone based wedding photography. However, after the wedding planner explained them much about the aerial photography and bragged a bit about it, the idea finally turned clearer to them. Yes ! this is one of the common episodes these days.

A Drone-based wedding photography is one of the many amazing ways to capture every person present in the wedding on the camera. It’s definitely not possible for a single photographer to capture the entire events photography that goes for at least 6 to 7 hours. Also, it is not always possible to get that perfect shot when you are surrounded by so many people. Hence a Drone photography can be a trendy thing.

What are the functions of a drone?

Well, most of the photographers operate a square-shaped helicopter kind of an instrument that has an inbuilt camera for video shooting and image capturing. The expert photographers control the machinery throughout the wedding ceremonial by taking it close to the important events taking place.

The Drone keeps on flying above in the air and clearly captures the pictures along with shooting a crystal clear video. After you watch the video shot through a Drone, you are definitely going to feel as if you are celebrating the entire wedding ceremonial once again. Hence, maximum people are ditching those old traditional ways of wedding photos and are opting for this modernized version.

The wedding photographer and wedding planner together can decide upon the important ceremonies to be shot. Also, a discussion regarding the safety measures and elimination of probable malfunctions should be taken care of. Every minute possible detail is captured by the drone because the area of shooting is quite wide. Mostly the barat processions and the sangeet functions are well captured with the help of the drone photography.

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