A wedding should be perfect in every aspect. Right from the wedding attire, venue, till food, everything must be memorable and enchanting. If you are not a professional planner who can arrange everything seamlessly, make sure that you hire one to help you out in selecting the best wedding caterers and other such arrangements.

What to look for the most in a wedding catering service?

You don’t have much experience in wedding planning and still, you want everything to go in the best way. Your wedding planner will probably introduce you with the following parameters while hiring a catering service –

Visiting them personally- One of the most important points of selecting any catering services is to make a personal visit at their location. Have a look at the kitchen and cleanliness for judging the professionalism of the stuff. Apart from a cordial behaviour, the overall look of their arrangements should be quite compelling. A dirty kitchen and cutlery is a red flag.

Menu options – Menu is another most important things of a wedding party. You cannot compromise with it no matter what. The caterer must specialize in a number of cuisines. They should reflect their skills by indulging in several menu options and alternatives. Also, they must be ready to adjust with the dietary restrictions of the guests, attending the wedding party.

Staff availability – The catering staff must remain attentive throughout the wedding ceremony. It totally depends on the size of your wedding ceremony and the nature of event organized by you. Discuss all your plans with the catering service to instil that it completely meets your requirements on the final day. The buffet, sit down dinner, bar staff, customer input, service costs are other few points that are inevitable while hiring a quality wedding catering service.

Ask your wedding planner for the reviews too and who are the caterers that have worked with earlier, If possible try to meet the people the caterer has worked for earlier and get reviews from them directly. It is always advisable to take first-hand reviews. Also before finalizing the menu and the caterer you can ask for a tester meal where he can showcase the best of the food and you can finalize the same after tasting the food quality.

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