Besides the jewellery, dress, makeup and overall look, footwear of the couple matters extravagantly. Your dress looks incomplete if it has not been accompanied with the proper pair of shoes or bellies. Even if they are perfect, the comfort level is another thing that matters a lot. No matter whether you have to buy grounded flats or high heels, it should go with the occasion and your physique to get a flirty and graceful look on the big wedding day. So let’s have a look at those perky wedding footwear that your wedding planner shall definitely suggest you.

Laced Bridal sandals – The feminine and flirty laced sandals look modern and gives a romantic touch to the bridal look. The material of lace can be accompanied with leather mules to complete the look.

○ Metallics – The metallic sandals are an evergreen option. You can go for the silver feel or polish rose gold to match up with your overall red dress. The shimmering gold is the easiest way to grab the red carpet look.

○ Laser cutouts – Rhinestones and glitters are forever picked up by the brides to be. However, if you want to get an adept look for your lifetime occasion, go for laser cut heels for having an intricate design over your feet.

The sparkles and glittery shoes go a long way. Most of the wedding planner particularly suggested a pair of shimmering shoes that beautifully matching with the wedding dress. They suggest going for something similar so as to match the overall outfit which not only feels comfortable but also beautiful on the big day. A wedding planner will give you the finest suggestions because of their priceless experience in managing the wedding. Just introduce them with your wedding dress and get the ultimate suggestions from them. They will tell you what looks the best in reference to the wedding dress and in reference to you. Not only this they will match each and every piece of your dress in such a way that it looks trendy and which also looks best in the photographs.

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