Nothing can be better than seeing your sibling getting married. Watching them getting the love of their life is definitely a beautiful moment that you can ever come across. So how to make those moments eternal? Is there any way out to do something different from the league? Well, a wedding planner shall offer that stuff that can exaggerate the wedding in many ways.

1.Plan out of speech – You can choose to give a short speech along with keeping a short documentary running behind. The documentary must comprise of your best moments spent with your sibling. There can be some music along with the imagery and video in the composed documentary.

2.Perform a special dance dedicating your brother or sister on the wedding day. Ask your wedding planner for helping you to choose a perfect song you can dance it out on.

3.Have a special role play in addressing the guests on the big day. Since your beloved sibling is getting married. Definitely, you deserve some extra attention from the guests. Being the prime family member, you can hit two stones with a single stone. Serve the guest extraordinarily and get that required attention from them. Ask your wedding planner what all can you do to stimulate the experiences of the people attending the wedding party.

4.Gift an amazing honeymoon package – Plan out the ticket and everything regarding the honeymoon of your sibling. Being the elder, this is one of the best things that you can ever gift to your Brother or sister.

Join hands with the planner and make suitable arrangements for everything that is needed for the wedding. After all, being the sibling of the groom or bride doesn’t only deserve special greetings but also responsibilities!

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