Much famed to be the members from bride’s party in her wedding, the bridesmaid turns out to be young woman from the bride’s family or relative. Traditionally speaking, the bridesmaids were chosen from the unmarried group of girls and not married ones. At times, there has been moment that a chief bridesmaid is selected and she is given the title of “maid of honor”. The best thing about being bridesmaid is that you and other girls have to dress up smartly in liaison with the dress of the bride. In this case, there has to be a dress co-ordination or color co-ordination between bride and her bridesmaids.

Talking about the dresses of bridesmaids, it is important for them to dress beautifully. Be it an Indian traditional wedding or a Christian wedding, they have to wear dresses similar to that of bride. At some points, the bridesmaids happen to wear exactly same dress as that of maid; though, in different shade from the bride for sure. Apart from the dressing, there are many things that a bridesmaid has to do to make a wedding turn out to be fantastic. In fact, there are numerous responsibilities that they have to shoulder for helping a bride to get the best of everything for her most important day of life.

First of all, a bridesmaid has to get involved in every little task or detail in terms of assisting the bride. Be it about opting to shop for jewellery, selecting her preferable dress, finalizing the beauty parlor or getting her gifts ready, bridesmaid has to get everything right. In fact, she plays a major role in helping a bride get her dress designed well as per the occasion. Along with selecting the dress or its design, it is important for the bridesmaid to be present at the time of its fittings too. Indeed, they have to be absolutely true in telling their opinion about the dress; so that the bride may decide her dress properly.

Apart from the dress, they can assist the bride in deciding over her honeymoon destination too. This can require a lot of discussion over bride’s preferences and her willingness to explore specific place. In this regard they can come-up with few suggestions about the destinations that they are aware of. The best thing about having bridesmaid is that they ensure that the bride should have the best of time at her honeymoon for sure. Of course, the honeymoon is quite an important period in a bride’s life and the right selection of destination matters a lot. This could be a beach destination, hill station or some foreign location.

Along with the honeymoon destination, it is important for the bridesmaid to help bride plan parties like bachelorette, thanksgiving, welcome party and much more. In fact, it depends on them that they may help the bride in even managing certain aspects of the wedding and even reception. So, the basic idea of having bridesmaid is to be the second hand of the bride and help her in every possible thing to make her preparations smoother. So, it is always important for a bride to have bridesmaid as it flaunts the status of the couple. And definitely, it is fun to chat or discuss essential things of the wedding with them.

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