So your best friend is finally going to get tied in an eternal knot. What are your plans for the wedding this season? Are you still going to celebrate it like a bachelor, or are you are going to portray your part of grace in the celebration? There are several ways to stimulate the fun for the wedding party. You are required to plan everything beforehand. The last moment planning is generally dicey and not worthy at all. So without any further delay let us discuss what can be done to make your best friend’s party more enjoying –

Ask the wedding planner to arrange for some drinks – Probably if you are from the groom’s side and fond of a beer or something similar, ask your wedding planner to arrange a special stall for it in the wedding ceremonial. Wedding planners would make an elite arrangement for you and rest of all the guests for the wedding party.

DJ is a must – Definitely, without a DJ none of the wedding ceremony looks like a celebration. Party becomes a corporate meeting if it lacks proper sound and music. And when you are planning to have fun at your friend’s wedding, how can you forget to do that Nagin dance and special Thumka that you always wanted to flaunt together. You can also plan a special surprise performance for the bride and the groom.

Also, you can plan out a documentary and place it on the big screen where all the events are been portrayed for the guests to see. A tiny documentary that showcases your friendship bond with the couple is a worthwhile and a happening thing for the event. After all, your friend is going to get into a new life and start everything in a new way. Revising old good memories at such occasions is the best thing to be done.

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