A wedding Baraat typically comes with the dulha sitting on the horse and the rest of all his friends, guests and relatives dancing by his side. The Baraat proceeds from the home of the groom and heads towards the wedding venue for further rituals. Once your wedding planner happens to hire a nice band for the Baraat, you are going to have a real extravaganza in the baraat.

The lighting arrangements, dhol, firework and decoration shall be arranged by the professionals finalized by the wedding planner. During a baraat processing towards its destination, the real delight is to see the entire guest dancing out of happiness in the proper arrangement of the DJ band. Right from the time when the Baraat moves out of the groom`s house till the time it reaches the bride’s place, the Bharat band has to keep the guests happily dancing.

The main duty of band party is to play high spirited songs that signify the importance of wedding ceremony. The Barat rituals look quite exaggerated when the dancing guests shower currency notes to the Dhol party. The celebration of those moments brings the real charm and grace of the occasion. It’s not only you who feel happy, but also the band party who feels elated.

Right after the baraat reaches the wedding venue, the band plays the final tune that is much more enchanting. The loud music and Dhol signifies intense happiness of the entire wedding ceremonial. Throughout the time when the welcoming of the groom takes place with brief Aarti and rituals, the Dhol party plays to the moment announcing the arrival of the parties. Despite being the loud form of music, the professionals make everything so lively and mesmerizing that everyone automatically feels like grooving and dancing to the verge. If your wedding planner happens to arrange such professionals, they are worth the money spent. Make sure that the wedding planner arranges for the best baraat band. You can also ask for a demo from the baraat band before finalizing the entire thing. Many of such bands have tie-ups with the lighting carriers also. You can also opt for them to walk along the baraat to give it a more ethnic touch.

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