Decide your routine activities after engagement

It’s quite natural for a girl to feel worried for a bright and glowing skin after she gets engaged. And since everything comes with efforts, you have to follow certain rules and limitations to look beautiful on your marriage day. You just cannot afford to manage your skin the way you did in the past few years. After all, the wedding day needs you to look absolutely special and flawless. Makeup does have a role play in beautifying you. But that’s not the only way to have a gorgeous look. You have to take care much more than you did up till now. So let’s know what precautions you have to take in order to get that beautiful appearance right after your engagement –

  • Manage stress – Stress management is the first thing that any bride needs to do after getting engaged. Certainly, it’s stressful to prepare yourself mentally and physically at the same time. The little time duration between your engagement and marriage puts up a lot of emotional stress. But then you just cannot afford to reflect that on your face. Come on, you are going to get married and you have to look cheerful. Go to some yoga practices and initiate some meditation to burst stress.
  • Avoid travelling – Believe me; travelling can do worst to your skin and hair. The amount of pollution and dust getting accumulating on your face is literally impossible to remove with normal facial. Also, travelling ends up giving you thinner hair which is a big no-no for any bride-to-be.
  • No oily food – Limit yourself from any kind of street food that can give you pimples and unwanted spots. We all love to munch the street side stall eateries. However, you cannot afford to continue the same routine as you are engaged. Indigestion and accumulation of fatty acids in your body can have a bad impact on your final day look. So it’s up to you whether you choose to prep your body or your pallet.
  • Spend sufficient time with the spouse to be –The feeling of parting away with your loved one can be compensated with the joy of having an understanding partner in life. Know your limitations when you spend time with your spouse and create a balance in your relationship. Practice a blend of modernity and ethics so that things can become more manageable in life.
  • Drink water – Restrain yourself from any kind of alcoholic drinks as it can cause toxicity. Instead, booze the natural beauty drink called water as much as you can.
  • Cleanup – Having a glowing skin on the final day is only possible when you continuously pay attention to the sebum. Make sure that you keep the facial pores clean and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Hydration – When you reach the early 30s, Already, your skin starts facing those initial aging symptoms that you don’t want to entertain on the final day. Moisturizing is the technique to get that look. Keeping your skin hydrated with butter moisturizing cream and lots of water intake is something doable and worthwhile.
  • Professional facials – You can easily get permission for some extra pampering in the name of marriage. The monthly facial at professional parlours gives a new sculpture to your skin. The featured facials exfoliate the epidermis to its best. That combination of techniques cannot be done at home.
  • Supplements – Besides restricting yourself from oily street food, a bride to be deserve the best of nutrition. After all, she will soon be facing a huge responsibility of managing a new family. Her body has to be prepared for the new lifestyle changes. A proper dose of multivitamin capsules would induce the metabolic rate and fight back with cholesterol. Also, it would provide Omega 3 fatty acid which is highly beneficial for your overall health and cognitive workability.

A blend of proper sleep, diet, stress management and external beautification would do the needful. Restrictions are not bad as long as you take them in a healthy way. Imposing them in your life can give a deteriorating effect. However, when you know the outcomes of practicing restrictions, it’s always a healthy thing.

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