Sara is an innocent and a dreamy girl who from the very young age had nourished the dream of a happy marriage life like her loving parent. She has turned 22 years of age last week, her parents are showing her the pictures of young, handsome and so-called well settled bachelors to get hitched with but her indifferent attitude towards all such proposals are puzzling her caring parents.

Finally on one fine morning, while returning from their routine morning walk, her doting father decides to ask regarding her indifferent attitude towards marriage proposals. She with the tensed look replied that sudden divorce of one of her close friends and emotional conflicts that her best friend is undergoing in her marriage made her lose faith on happy marriage life she then with the frustration in her voice, questions her father that how one can guarantee a successful marriage life just by going through each -others profiles?

In order to a calm her daughter’s troubled emotions, her father with a calm look on his face replies dear daughter, it is not right to get too negative on anything just by looking at its negative side, calm down, take a leap of faith and then proceed. A happy marriage life requires faith that everything will work out.

Papa, you are right but it is important to get practical in such matters, you cannot take such a bold decision of getting married to someone just by only looking at their profiles, it is important to know that how compatible you are with each other and with their family says his mature daughter

You do not get to know how compatible you are with each other in just a few meetings, you only get to know about your compatibility once you get married, conveys her so-called prudent father

Father, once you get married, it is too late to do something about, which later on proves out to be evil but there is another way out of it, papa which I want to share it with you, that is courtship. Courtship is a period before getting married, in this period the boy and girl with the consent of their family members enter into a relationship in order to decide whether they will be compatible in future as a couple or not.

But my dear princess is it good to be in a relationship before getting married? It is not at all ethical claims her worried father

Papa, courtship is not like dating or live- in relationship, unlike dating, courtship follows the word of god where the couples enter into a relationship with the commitment to decide the eligibility of getting married. To make courtship more successful and ethical, it is important that couples in a courtship must follow certain rules. They should be very sincere about their relationship and get the consents of their families before entering into it. Unlike dating, in courtship it is not permissible to get physically involved as it takes you away from its core purpose, moreover, a person cannot count more than one person at a time otherwise he would be considered disloyal to get married with.

That’s fine dear but I am worried if a couple has to live together during courtship asks her protective father

No, father, it is not like that in case of courtship it is considered better if the couple does not live together for a fair judgment. Activities like the effective conversation, engaging in creative interests of each other, visiting beautiful locations are considered the best way to know each other well, their past, their interest and about their families. One should also refrain from evil habits like cheating on each other or lies if a couple is aiming for a happy marriage life explains her pragmatic daughter

Her father nods his head slightly as a sign of acceptance of his daughter’s description about courtship and after knowing his daughter’s underlying need for courting a person before marrying him. Pointing on some photographs, lying scattered on the dining table he happily asks his dearest daughter- my princess, choose! Who would you like to court? 🙂










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